Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Put a Woman in Charge of College Football

College football needs someone in charge. And, the best "man" for the job? Naturally, a woman.

Yes, that is what I said, put a woman in charge of college football. The time has arrived...actually, it might be overdue.

"So wait, what did you say?" is what popped into your head, this is college football, men play and run this game, why do we need a woman in charge of a all of these men?

Having had the experience of being in meeting rooms, conference rooms and board rooms with owners and executives over the years, this is what typically happens, and it surely transpired in the case of college football. In every case of a current college conference, these were the common themes: We need more money now, we don't want to share any of it and if we have to put our competitors out of business, or put them at a disadvantage, then we are going to do it! With these guys, it is very cut and dried, there is no thought to context, no concern for consequence.

And, oh, by-the-way, it all has to be decided by 4pm, because they can't miss their flights back home that night! The closer the decisions get to 4pm, the less rational they become. Getting on the plane trumps rationale thinking, always.

Putting a capable woman in charge of college football will put an end to some of this nonsense, here is why.

Women can be more rational than men, and most of all, women will ensure that some level of "equity" is achieved. Call it sharing if you'd like. Oh, and guess what, they will actually insist that leaders in charge do not destruct others in the process of coming to a decision. Getting to the right decision is important, but leaving all involved with some dignity is more important. Finally, they will take their time and be deliberative.

In her book, Why The Best Man for the Job is a Women: The Unique Female Qualities of Leadership, Author Esher Wachs examines fourteen top female executives. One top trait is their inclusive, team-building form of leadership. If there is one trait that College Football could use in a leader today, it's just that, getting people to work together and think about the longer term consequence of their current actions.

My nomination for the job? Dr. Condoleezza Rice, of course. She loves football, she is a world-class diplomat and she's been in the room with the most powerful men in the world, and they all listen when she speaks. She'd be perfect.

So, who's going to contact her and tell her that her country needs her, one more time?

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